Active Start to February

February has roared in like a snow tiger. Coming off of a very below-average December and January in terms of snowfall, it’s been quite the flip.

As I’ve talked about before, December and January were rather insignificant in terms of snowfall. The total snow we saw over those 62 days was 3.7″.

In the ten days that have passed since the beginning of February, we have received 9.0″ of snow officially. Quite the difference.

An active storm pattern with the help of the Jet Stream and cold air in place has led to this snowy period.

February’s Monthly Summary as of (2/10/20)

In the first ten days of February, there have been 5 days where snow has measured. This followed record heat to start the month. Something to note with the snowfall that we’ve seen, it came with a lot of moisture in it which you may have noticed when you were shoveling. It was rather heavy and exhausting to move. That’s because if you were to melt down all the snow that we’ve seen, you would get 0.50″ of liquid water. Our normal amount of precipitation for the entire month of February is 0.11″ so we are well above that and have 2/3rds of the month left to go.

Top 10 Snowiest Starts to February 

We have had so much snow to start this month that we are currently tied for the fourth snowiest start to a February on record. We haven’t seen a snowy start to February like this one since 1993! Some areas of Downtown Denver and some of the western and southern Suburbs have picked up well over a foot of snow, making their snowfall totals and ranks just that much more impressive.

And guess what? More snow is coming. 

I don’t say this a lot, but I have had my fill of snow. ~10″ in 10 days is enough to satisfy me for a bit but the weather never listens to the weather people so let’s talk about the incoming snow. 
Snow will begin this evening, likely in time for the evening commute and will continue through the night. Temperatures will be dropping through the remainder of the day so by the time it begins to snow, temperatures will likely be in the lower 20s which will allow the roads to become icy and snow-covered very quickly. Because of the timing of the snow, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Denver. 
Winter Weather Advisory For Denver 
The National Weather Service mentioned that the snow that we are expecting is below advisory criteria, which means that the amount of snow that we are expecting wouldn’t normally warrant an advisory, but because of the timing and the still snow-covered roads, this will be enough to impact the city and the commute. Denver is looking to receive 1-4″ of snow. The further west and south you are, the more snow you will receive. This is an upslope snow event so the Foothills and the Palmer Divide will see a few more inches of snow accumulate. 
Short-range models are showing the heaviest snow for Denver occurring between 8PM and midnight. That’s when most of our snow will accumulate. Plan accordingly. 

More snow after this? 

There are a few more chances of minor snow for the Denver area in the coming days. 

February 12-13 

A weak disturbance will move through. This may bring some snow showers to the area. Accumulation looks light at this point. Maybe 1-2″ 

February 15-16

This looks like a storm that will only impact the mountains with a few inches of snow. Not showing much, if any, snow in Denver for this time.

February 17-19

Models are not in any kind of agreement during this time but there is a signal of snow during this period. Minor accumulations in Denver for now.

February 21-23 

Another signal of some light snow for Colorado during this time. It doesn’t look too impressive and is very far out so we will just have to watch this. 
All in all, we are continuing to show snow more times than not during the next 10 days. After that, it looks like the last week of February may be dry and warmer. For now, enjoy the winter-like February we are experiencing and get used to the snow sticking around. I don’t expect it will go anywhere any time soon. 

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