Who Is Andy?

Hey there! My name is Andy Stein. I’m a trained meteorologist with 7 years of experience working on television on the local level and on the national level. I’ve been seen on TV in all 50 states and have appeared on TV across the Caribbean as well. I’ve been a trained meteorologist since 2014. I am obsessed with the weather and living in Colorado has instilled my love for weather due to the awesome types of weather you can find here. I provide forecasts for Colorado Ski Country USA and also write weather and climate articles for magazine publications around the country. I’d love to provide weather and climate content for you. Tell me your need and I’ll tell you the forecast or provide the content you’ve been missing.

As Seen On/In:


Communications Coordinator/Meteorologist

Colorado Ski Country USA

At Colorado Ski Country, I provide weather forecasts for 23 of the 28 ski areas in Colorado. I also help in gaining positive media attention for association. I am the manager of 6 bloggers and 2 videographers and am in charge of the association’s social media presence.

On-Air Meteorologist

WMBF News – Myrtle Beach, SC

At WMBF News, I was the weekend meteorologist and was in charge of creating weather content for our social media platforms and provided details forecasts to radio partners as well. I was the top performing social media meteorologist in the entire Raycom Company during Hurricane Juaquin.

On-Air Meteorologist


At WeatherNationTV, I was the head morning meteorologist and tropical meteorologist. Creating content, providing severe weather coverage and maintaining and creating relationships with local and government agencies were the main priorities of my job.

On-Air Chief Meteorologist

WOAY-TV – Oak Hill, WV

At WOAY-TV, I was the Chief Meteorologist. Taking this job straight out of college, I had a lot to learn in a short amount of time. Managing a team of meteorologists, scheduling and working with TV management excelled my expertise and professionalism in the TV industry.

Let’s talk weather!