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‘Near-average’ April was marked by deadliest tornado outbreak in 6 years

April 2020 saw relatively normal temperatures and precipitation across the U.S., the first slightly-cooler-than-average month since November 2019


Study: Climate change has been influencing where tropical cyclones rage

While the global average number of tropical cyclones each year has not budged from 86 over the last four decades, climate change has been influencing the locations of where these deadly storms occur.


April 2020 Climate Summary for Denver

Colder and Drier than normal conditions persisted through April ion Denver Colorado


Earth had its 2nd-hottest March on record

After having a record-hot January and its second-hottest February, Earth continued to endure unrelenting heat last month, making March 2020 the second-hottest March on record.


Warmest oceans on record could set off a year of extreme weather

The world’s seas are simmering, with record high temperatures spurring worry among forecasters that the global warming effect may generate a chaotic year of extreme weather ahead.

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