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Denver’s 4th Largest Snowstorm on Record: A Recap

A historic snowstorm just slammed Denver and the Front Rang. Here’s a recap of what happened and total snow across the region.


Severe Storms on Tap for Friday

Severe storms are looking likely this afternoon. Large hail, damaging winds and a few tornadoes will be possible in and around Denver.


Can We Do A Super Howl for the Last Supermoon of the Year?

It’s the last supermoon of the year. The May Flower Moon will rise tonight. Lets howl like hell.


Study: Climate change has been influencing where tropical cyclones rage

While the global average number of tropical cyclones each year has not budged from 86 over the last four decades, climate change has been influencing the locations of where these deadly storms occur.


A Few More Showers Then Bring on the WARMTH

Showers and breezy conditions have persisted for the last 18 hours or so. Not everyone has seen showers but the ones who have received less than 3/10ths of an inch. The Downtown area of Denver has seen only a trace of precip. which, really, means we didn’t get anything. We have a few more shower chances to go before things quiet down Saturday afternoon. … Read More A Few More Showers Then Bring on the WARMTH

A Very Spring-like Forecast

So, April has been wild. We started with temps near 70º. Then we saw some snow. We jumped back up into the 70s. Stayed there for a bit and then saw record cold and snow move back in. Now we’re back in the 60s. Talk about a roller coaster ride. Those cold temperatures we experienced are holding our monthly temperature down about 4.5º F … Read More A Very Spring-like Forecast


Winter Weather Recap – and a Look Ahead To Our Next Winter Storm

Snow and record cold just hit us in Colorado. A few days later, another winter storm will impact us again.


In Typical April Fashion – Here Comes the Cold Just When we Want it the Least

A snowy downtown Denver

Top 10 Weather Webcams in Colorado

So, here I am, sitting in my apartment, watching the weather outside wishing that I could go chase it. Being a full-fledged weather nerd and degreed meteorologist, I gain some extra life when I can feel the elements of the weather around me. So, you could imagine that being in quarantine and self-isolating myself for the good of my neighbors, is taking a toll … Read More Top 10 Weather Webcams in Colorado

Drone Video Shows an Empty Mile High City

With the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19, it’s hard to think that we can’t just hop in the car and head to our favorite outdoor spot. Coloradans are made to be outside but with social and physical distancing a priority among residents, outdoor time is taking a backseat. That means that traffic is at an all time low. This video captures moments from some of Denver’s … Read More Drone Video Shows an Empty Mile High City

Denver – Colorado Weather: March Recap and a look ahead to April

Sunset over the Rockies And just like that, another month has gone by but not without the weather leaving some kind of trace on Colorado. It’s been a rather normal month here with respect to most weather parameters. We were lacking in snowfall and we were warmer than normal. Here Are the Stats Average temperature – 42.4º F – +2.0º F warmer than normal … Read More Denver – Colorado Weather: March Recap and a look ahead to April

Something to look forward to – a change of scenery. Rain and snow returns to Denver

The sunset in Denver on 2.25.2020  Sometimes during weird moments in life, a simple change of scenery can make a huge difference. Hopefully, the change in our weather scenery will provide some aspect of changing up what is currently a strange norm. There’s a storm cycling around California right now and, much like the last storm, we saw a week ago, it will bring … Read More Something to look forward to – a change of scenery. Rain and snow returns to Denver

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