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Denver weather: No snow November continues into December as more snow records are jeopardized

Denver has not seen any snow this season and is breaking records for the latest first snow and for going the most amount of days without seeing snow. Weather records, no matter how arbitrary you think they may be, are kept so we have a reference for anomalous events. Well, this snow season is certainly shaping up to be anomalous.


Colorado weather: Thanksgiving week brings some snow but more dry and warm air than anything

It has been an unseasonably warm and dry November in Denver and really across all of Colorado. Snowpack is well below average in most basins and Denver has yet to even see snow fall this season.


Denver weather: Denver stills awaits first snow while Ft. Collins and Boulder received their first snow early

while that snow was realized in a few locations, Denver has still not received its first snow of the season


Denver weather: Long-standing snow records to fall this week

Denver has officially reached the top 5 list for the latest first snows ever recorded and for having the longest streak of no accumulating snow. Remember last year when Denver and much of eastern Colorado saw one of the earliest snows on record? In typical Colorado fashion, the weather is keeping us on our toes and is doing the unexpected. As of Monday, it … Read More Denver weather: Long-standing snow records to fall this week

Western Mountain Forecast Update: Big Snows coming to BC and Cascades

Some big time snows are coming to the Coast Mountains in British Columbia this week while other mountains in the Western US will be seeing some decent snows on and off this week.


Denver weather: Where is the snow?!

Denver is still waiting for its first official snow of the season and is entering record territory for the latest first snow. Given the current forecast, I’m not too optimistic about our first snow happening anytime soon.


Northern Lights could be seen throughout Colorado Saturday night – if the weather cooperates

The Sun has been making headlines lately due to a large solar flare that occurred back on Thursday. The flare that occurred ended up being the second strongest flare up of the year.  Well, that solar flare is strong enough to possibly send the Northern Light far south into central areas of the United States.


Denver weather: Our first snow is late this year but some looks to be on the way

A kind of strange and hard to forecast pattern is setting up over Colorado for the foreseeable future. Battling weather systems and random pulses of energy will make the first wee of November unsettled and changeable.


Colorado weather: Incoming winter storm will boost Colorado’s already booming earl-season snowpack

While Denver has yet to see it’s first measurable snow of the season while mountain locations have been getting their fair share of winter weather. Numerous storms throughout October have left the high mountain peaks coated with snow and that has added up nicely in terms of our early season snowpack.


Denver weather: Coldest air of the season and the first snow forecast across the metro area for Thursday

That storm has now moved off into the northern Plains and any lingering effects (which are mainly mountain snow showers) will be over by the end of Wednesday afternoon. On the heels of that storm, is our next storm that is moving in from the Pacific Northwest. This storm, although weaker, will bring another round of snow to the high country and it will bring a reinforcing shot of cold air that will drop temperatures well below average for Thursday and Friday. This storm may also bring a round of light snow to the Urban Corridor.


Colorado weather: Two incoming storms to blast Colorado with wind and snow

The first serious storm of the season is knocking on our doorsteps, and is set to deliver 65 mph winds and more than a foot of snow to some mountain locations. The storms could even bring a few flakes to the Mile High City by Wednesday morning.


Happy fall, y’all! Denver’s first freeze and first snow are coming up faster than you think

It’s officially the fall season (if you follow the astronomical seasons rather than the meteorological seasons) and before you know it, it’ll be 32 degrees and snow will be flying.

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