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From 100-degree heat to snow. Colorado weather whiplash, one year later

One year ago, between September 5-8, the Front Range of Colorado saw the latest readings ever of 100-degree heat followed by the earliest accumulating snow in almost two decades.


Denver just had one of its hottest and driest summers on record

It almost seems like a redundant headline at this point but again, Denver just had one of its hottest meteorological summers on record for the second year in a row.


A huge plume of smoke is headed to Colorado and will bring some of the world’s worst air quality with it

The dome of smoke that is headed our way is currently over Nevada and Utah and as of earlier Friday morning, Salt Lake City had the worst air quality out of the major cities across the world.


Western Colorado drought: “I have lived in Vail for almost 50 years and I have never seen it this dry”

in recent months. Vegetation has been drying, fruit trees aren’t budding and flowering plants are struggling to produce seeds. These are just some of the observations from this Spring and Summer so far.


More burn scar floods and mudslides possible Thursday and Friday

The forecast for Thursday and Friday shows some concerning details for our area burn scars as rain showers and thunderstorms that form, will have very little movement to them.


Colorado weather: Wildfire smoke forecast

Smoke has been filling our skies along the Front Range but some areas of Colorado have it much worse.

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