Alrighty, we’re about 60 hours from an extreme temperature drop and the first accumulating snow of the season for much of the state of Colorado.

It’s typical to see snow in October here so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. In the last two years, Denver has seen its first snow on October 6 and October 9. The average first date of snow for Colorado is October 18, so, again, this is not out of the realm of normal by any means.

What’s also pretty normal, is having temperatures swings and major weather changes in a short amount of time. That is something that I think will shock people more than anything this week.

Currently, as of Midday Monday, our storm is in Western Canada. This trough, or area of low pressure, will continue to deepen and intensify as it rides down the spine of the Rockies. With it, comes the coldest air of the season and the probability of snow for the Centennial State.

As of now, Denver is forecast to get between 1 and 4 inches of snow. Those totals seem to be holding true with mountain locations getting between 3 and 6 inches of snow and the eastern Plains getting between 1 and 3 inches of snow.

The cold is something that will hit us a little bit more abruptly. High temperatures through Wednesday are supposed to be in the mid-70s to low 80s. Then a strong cold front will move through Wednesday evening/night which will drop temperatures down to the upper 20s by Thursday morning! If that is the case, we’re expected to see a 50º temperature drop in just 12-18 hours!

High temperatures on Thursday are expected to stay in the low to mid-30s with overnight lows into Friday morning dropping into the upper teens! If temperatures do fall that low, we could be battling some record lows by the end of the week. Mountain locations will experience colder temperatures. Some locations, especially the higher elevations, with experience sub-zero temperatures.

~Rain or Shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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