This weeks atmospheric river of moisture was a bit…dry. All of the moisture was in place overhead but since we were sandwiched in between two pressure systems – it left us in a spot with not much forcing. Forcing is what causes an air parcel to go upwards where it condenses into a water droplet. While most areas did receive some beneficial (and something as little as a .10″ of rain can be beneficial) rains, most areas were left with a bit less than forecast.

Drought hasn’t changed much this week but areas around Pueblo saw their drought deepen by one category. As we enter into another period of dry weather, I’ll keep tabs on the drought.

The forecast is going to hold as mostly dry with seasonable Fall weather. By the way, happy first full day of Autumn, everyone. 🙂

It’s a beautiful day across the state. Lots of sunshine and comfortable fall temps. Temps will rise a couple of degrees over the weekend and a sunny forecast will hold so get out and enjoy. The recent rains will definitely help to add a boost of color into the leaves if you’re leaf-peeping this weekend.

It’s a bit breezy today. Shouldn’t be too impactful but a nice reminder that windy season is coming, too.

Winds will subside by evening.


Main forecast headline: mostly dry with weak disturbances brushing by.

A ridge of high pressure will build and deepen over the next several days. This will bring mainly dry and slightly warmer temperatures to the region.

The only changeup we see is midweek next week when our wind flow turns more SWerly and some more humid air gets pulled up from the Baja. Starting late Monday, some moisture will move into Colorado from the SW. Showers and maybe a few storms will spread from near Durango to the Urban Corridor from Monday to Thursday. This is not supposed to be a substantial event. Consider yourselves lucky if you see rain.

*also, peep the blue dot south of Cuba on the map above. A potential hurricane may be headed towards Florida around Wednesday of next week and then potentially the Carolinas afterward. Watch this closely as it may become a headline maker. There are lots of good ingredients around to make this a strong one*

Here’s a look at some select 7-day forecasts.

Red lines denote average highs for this time of the year. Blue lines not the average lows. A lot of us will be above-average in terms of temperatures next week. Here’s a look a possible rain totals by the end of next week. Normally, showing totals this far out isn’t encouraged but right now, it tells the story of where and how little rain to expect.

Anyway. The weather could turn a bit more active after next week so keep a look out. Before I go. Here’s a look at the extended forecast so you have any idea of what to expect.

Looks warm.


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