It’s been an absolutely gorgeous week so far in Colorado. Sunshine and relatively mild temperatures have made for some great early-Spring weather. Highs will continue to climb into the 60s and 70s through Thursday.

Other than a few high clouds, we shouldn’t expect anything but sunshine for the next few days as a ridge of high pressure slowly pushes west to east. Highs over the coming down will range from 5-30º above average depending on your location!

Much of Colorado will be experiencing mild temperatures through Friday although Friday will be our last day of very mild temperatures. Thursday will be our last day of full sunshine. A rather broad (large) trough will begin to move into the west coast by Thursday and that is when we’ll begin to notice some changes in our weather.

A weak cold front will move across Colorado Friday afternoon as this incoming storm begins to affect us. I’m still anticipating a rather warm day Friday ahead of the cold front with highs still well above average. Moisture will begin to increase in SW Colorado first starting Friday morning and spreading across the state through the day. Much of the moisture will remain in the high elevations until the evening. Snow will fall above 8,000′-9,000′ Friday. A warm SW wind with mild temperatures are going to make for a tricky snow forecast in the high country. Most mountain valleys will see rain showers at times will rain showers also expected initially for the Front Range as well Friday evening.

We’ll eventually see a full transition to snow but that might not happen until a second, more prominent cold front moves through Saturday morning. This broad trough will have a few embedded areas of enhanced moisture with it so within this one big storm will be several smaller bits of energy. This means that from Friday to Monday or Tuesday, we’re looking at cooler unsettled weather with a few bouts of heavier precip.

Here is a look at the current thinking on snowfall through Monday night. Again, this will all fall at varying intensities between the 3 days Saturday through Monday.

Winter weather will be most prominent in the San Juans Friday-Saturday and the the northern mountains for Saturday-Sunday with another push of statewide snow Sunday-Monday.

Looking past this weekend and early next week, temperatures are looking to remain cooler than normal and we could be looking at more unsettled weather.

For now, enjoy the sunshine and very warm temperatures! It’s gorgeous outside.

~ Andy

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