We’re not just talking about a lack of snow in Denver. Most of Colorado is suffering from minimal snowpack numbers and with no snow falling in Colorado this entire week, those numbers will continue to suffer.

The lack of snow across Colorado has been truly stunning. It is not normal for the state as a whole to have such a large deficit of snow by this time of the season. Similarly, much of the western US is battling dry and snowless conditions.

Fortunately, there are some chances in the forecast that are coming but will it be too late? Can we make up the deficit that were facing? Ultimately, that answer is yes but the stars are going to have to align perfectly for us to crawl out of this snow and rain drought that we have found ourselves in.

Colorado Snowpack numbers

Snowpack is the very important metric that is tracked in Colorado since a lot of the snow that falls on the state is used as a water source for the Western US. Right now, it’s not good. Statewide, we’re only at 66% of normal.

December tends to be a pretty good snow month for the mountains so the potential to make up this deficit is certainly there, we just need an active pattern to setup for that to occur and the forecast this next week certainly seems a bit more active.

All of Colorado sits in the green color which means that we have a chance of seeing above-normal precipitation between December 8-12.

Jumping right into the forecast, the next shot at Colorado seeing some snow comes Monday to Tuesday as an open wave moves across the state. Think of this as a pulse of energy. This will likely bring snow to all Colorado mountains by Wednesday evening. Denver has the chance of seeing some light snow from this system. Though, the chance looks about as good as it has all season – not great.

Although, not a blockbuster storm, it will be nice to have flakes falling across the mountains. Snow totals are looking to be in the 3-6″ range for most mountains. Due to the direction of the winds, some favored slopes of the San Juans may squeeze out 8″ or so of snow which is great news as the San Juans are suffering the most from a lack of snowfall.

The next pulse of energy comes Thursday but this one is pretty weak and is only showing about 1-3″ of additional accumulation for most mountain areas but we will take it!

Following Thursday, a more pronounced and stronger wave of energy will be approaching and will hopefully bring Denver some measurable snow.

Snow forecast through Saturday – including the early week storms

This later-week round of snow looks much better. Most mountain locations should pick up an additional 5-10″ of snow with the signal for the most snow falling in the San Juans. Again, great news.

This next pulse of energy has the potential to bring Denver and the rest of the Front Range some meaningful snow too. As it stands now, 1-3″ of snow is possible for Front Range locations but with there being a full week between now and then, the forecast will change.

I’ll keep ya updated on the snow forecast but start doing your dances! Good things are ahead that hopefully turn into great things.

~ Andy

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