Hey, y’all! I’ve been on the road doing a huge road trip with my partner and my dog. We drove from Denver to Kalispell, Kalispell to the Canadian Rockies and that’s where I write to you today. From Golden, British Columbia. Home of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. I’m glad the weather has been mostly steady in Colorado while I’ve been gone (mainly because I hate it when I miss exciting weather)

Here are a few images of my trip thus far.

I digress. The weather looking forward looks to be very typical of late August to early September. Temperatures will remain near normal and thunderstorm/rain chances will be around albeit not very high any one day.

Upcoming News

The end of August signals the end of meteorological summer. Come September 1, it’ll be meteorological fall. Get ready leaf peepers.

Be on the lookout for a future blog talking about how this summer impacted Colorado. Hint: it was hot and dry for some and very wet for others. Also, I’ll be taking a deeper look into the upcoming winter and the impacts a third (!!!) La Niña will have on the area. Make sure to subscribe to my emails to get all the updates. I’ll try to get some stuff together for the leaf season forecast. Follow me on social for that update.


In a fun – completely normal – occurrence, some snow fell on Colorado’s highest peaks in the last week!

Oh yeah. Snow season is coming.

As I was catching up on the other weather news over the last week, there weren’t too many big news stories. There were a few highly localized flooding reports. As well as, some high wind gusts from passing storms. There were many heavy rain reports and that it good to see considering the drought conditions still present.

The rain that has been around had definitely added up in some areas. Here’s a look at the last weeks worth of rain across the state, Denver and the COS area.

Some areas of Colorado Springs got nearly an inch of rain. Pueblo saw about a half inch of rain. The Denver metro has largely seen 0.5″-1.5″ with a few localized 2-3″ amounts! So, there’s been some rain around for sure.

This has all aided in bettering our drought conditions. Here’s a look at the current drought status and the change in drought status from last week.

Notably, much of Park county is not out of any kind of drought. Areas near Springfield (far SE Colorado) have also seen some drought improvement. Denver remains in moderate drought much like Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. We have made some great improvements this summer regarding the drought.

There is a little storm rolling through the northern Rockies this weekend. That will keep a chance of showers and storms around through this weekend with the best coverage of storms in the mountains.

This won’t bring many impacts to Colorado but it will keep temperatures near seasonal norms.

By next week, a ridge of high pressure (think, hotter/drier weather) will build back over the region.

This pattern is rather uneventful. It won’t keep us completely dry or cloud-free but it will bring better chances of those weather conditions than anything else.

Total rain through this weekend shows the rain threat through Sunday.

Those in the Central and SW areas of the state have the best chance of seeing showers and storms. This threat will be highest on Friday and decrease through Sunday. These next few weeks are going to provide us with the last monsoon storms of the season so let’s soak up as much as we can before the weather seasons begin to change.

Temperatures will be pretty close to normal over the next week.

Talk soon!


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