snow accumulations from the first round of snow.

As promised, Easter Sunday was a cold and snowy day across much of the region. The big winners from the last 24 hours were in the Foothills and mountains along the continental divide. Boulder has received a foot and a half of snow so far!

As we continue through our Monday, more snow is going to fall. As you’ve probably noticed, snow technically hasn’t stopped since Sunday morning but the issue we’ve had here in Denver is relatively light snow, warm ground temps and a high April sun angle. That has limited the amount of snow that is actually sticking. The remainder of this afternoon and evening are going to be cold and snowy. Another surge of moisture will bring more accumulating snow through this evening.

Winter Weather Advisory highlighted in purple.

As more snow continues to fall through Monday, the cold will also stick around. The cold has been record breaking! Monday morning, DIA (Denver Airport) dropped to 16º. The old record was 17º set back in 1933. We could re-break that record tonight as we’re expecting to get down to 15º. We could also break a daily record cold high temperature. I spoke about the potential record breakers here.

After today, we will dry out temporarily before ANOTHER round of snow and cold moves in.

Wide-view of our weather pattern this week

We’re in a pattern right now that favors rather continuous cold and snow for us here in Colorado. We already had our first system move through (that was Easter Sunday’s), the snow today is pretty much attached to yesterday’s and will bring us our additional snow today.

More Snow Coming This Week

Our next system is in Canada riding down the jet and will be in our area Wednesday and Thursday. That will bring another bout of cold, not nearly as cold as this current one, and another round of snow which is looking to bring another 3-6″ of snow to Denver and more to the adjacent Foothills. Essentially, this is a very snowy week for us. After that round of snow, it seems like we will quiet down BUT it is April and things may change a bit. Let’s get through this week and see what is coming next.

Below average temperatures are Forecast through April 19

COLD air is expected through the rest of this week. The coldest air is being felt today (Monday) and then we see a slight warmup Tuesday and Wednesday. Sunshine is expected Tuesday and some on Wednesday before our next round of cold moves in. This weekend is looking much better but we will have to see how much warm air actually makes it in.

Send me your snow photos and reports from where you are!

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