At 2:52 pm, Denver International Airport reported a temperature of 99-degrees. The old record for this date sat at 98-degrees and was set way back in 1876 which was before Colorado was even a state.

At 3:10 pm, Denver International Airport hit 100-degrees marking the fifth time this year that we’ve felt 100-degree heat in the Mile High City. This also puts us in a tie for third place for most 100-degree days in a season with 1990 and 1989. There are only two years where there were more reported 100-degree days than this year. In 2005, there were 7 days of 100-degree heat and in 2012 there was a whopping 13 days of 100-degree heat.

The forecast calls for more heat through this work week although 100-degrees isn’t looking as likely saving us from reaching the number two spot. With that said, sometimes August can bring extreme warmth. There are 11 years where Denver has felt 100-degree heat during August. The most recent year where it hit 100-degrees in August was just last year in 2020 but on average, we don’t feel 100-degrees at all in August.

Of the years that rank in the top 10 for most 100-degree days, 7 of them have occurred since the turn of the century alluding to our summer getting hotter – which is something that is occurring as a result of climate change. If you’re ready for cooler weather, this weekend brings the promise of rain and clouds to the area.

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