Well, it’s been rather lackluster here in Denver over that last couple of weeks. As of this writing, it has been 18 days since we have received measurable precipitation. We have picked up a trace of precipitation on the 9th and the 11th but I don’t really count that as anything.

Since it has been so dry, I wanted to go back and see when the last time was when we went the first half of January without seeing precipitation. Turns out, it was back in 2001.

The data above shows all of the years where Denver has gone from January 1st to January 15 with minimal precipitation. We are currently tied for 12th place with a trace of precipitation. What is circled in red is this year’s stretch of dry weather and the year that it last occurred other than this year. Before 2001, it was 1995, 1990, 1981 and then 1943. Essentially, it’s not that typical for us to have this stretch of dry weather but it’s also not unheard of.

So, when will we see some precip move back in? 

To my despair, not anytime soon. 
Total precip through January 25th. 

The ECMWF model Denver receiving between 0.01″-0.10″ of precip through the next 10 days. That’s not much and to be honest, will possibly not even happen. The moisture that is painted across Eastern Colorado solely occurs from the 24-25th and we all know what happens to rain or snow chances 10 days out…it changes. Hopefully, it will change for the better but I’m not too optimistic right now. 

Will we see any weather? 

Well, of course! Every day will will experience the weather but it just may not be the weather you want. And really, we shouldn’t complain too much about our lack of weather because seeing temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s in January with sunshine around more times than not is something that people in the Northeast and the Upper Midwest would die for. 
With that said, there will be a couple of very windy days ahead. Thursday and Friday will be rather gusty out. Winds on Thursday will be sustained at 15-30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph possible. On Friday though, winds will be sustained at 25-40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph possible. 
Wind speeds on Friday 

Something to note is that the Foothills and the Further out Eastern Plains will see the brunt of this wind but Denver will see its fair share of wind as well. 

Wind Gusts Friday 
With winds on Friday gusting to 50 mph IN DENVER on Friday, it will be a not-nice day out although it will be mainly sunny. 

Okay, what else? 

Temps! You know, Denver is known for its temperature extremes but not with our current forecast. 
Temp forecast for Denver 
Temperatures over the next 10 days will be normal. Average highs for this time of the year are in the mid-40s. We will be bouncing within ~5º of that every day in this forecast period. Overnight lows normally run around 18º and we will stay about 2-5º above that each night. 
So, we have some pretty “meh” weather ahead with a burst of wind at times. 

What about the mountains? 

The mountains will be and have been benefitting from a favorable pattern for light snow. Since the beginning of the month, most mountain locations and ski areas have picked up over a foot or two of snow. That pattern that is bringing moisture in from the Pacific will continue with a few more shots of snow ahead. 
Snow totals through January 25 
Mountain locations can expect anywhere from 2-18″ of snow over the next 10 days. Depending on your location. Enjoy it! The skiing has been amazing and it is not changing anytime soon. 
Questions? Just ask! 
~ Snow or Shine
   I’m Andy Stein 

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