We all know that it has been a very snow month already and it’s not even halfway done yet. But where do we rank in terms of snow totals so far this month?

East Side of Denver – Joe Astolfi

From February 1-13, Denver Airport has picked up 15.8″ of snow. During the month of February, we normally see 7.7″ of snow. So, with only half of the month down, we have already doubled our monthly total. That’s impressive.

For the period between February 1-13, we are currently in the number 2 spot. The only year where February 1-13 was snowier than this one was back in 2012 when 18″ of snow fell in the first 13 days of February.

In terms of February as a whole month, we are currently holding the 13th spot for snowiest February’s on record. With more than half of the month left to go, we will likely see our position increase especially considering the number 12 spot is only a half of an inch higher than where we currently stand. The February that had the most snow in Denver’s history was February of 2015 when 22.2″ of snow fell. Assuming we get a few more inches of snow, we will likely end up in the top ten snowiest February’s.

Remember how October and November were also some of Denver’s top snowy months? Then followed some of Denver’s least snowy December’s and January’s? We are all over the place.

Denver Snow Totals and Expected Monthly Snow To Come – Based on DIA obs. 

You can see that we’ve have had quite the snow season already with 45.7″ of snow since October. Our normal season total is 57.1″ so we are within 12″ of seeing that and with March and April, our snowiest months, coming up, we should* be able to meet our season total normals, if not exceed them.

We have a few more chances of snow this February so be sure to remember that although we’ve seen 15.8″ of snow, that number will probably change.

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