Denver Weather – Quiet Pattern Ahead


Well hey there Denver.

After a wild end to October with cold and snow and all that jazz – we’re finally calmed down but still reminded of the snowy and cold October thanks to lingering snow in shaded areas.

We’ve started out November below average. Highs have ranged from the mid-30s to the mid-50s and our normal high for this time of the year is in the upper 50s, so that’s been helping to keep the snow around longer.

The nitty-gritty. It’s not that nitty or gritty this week. It’s rather ‘meh’ compared to weeks past.
Ultimately there is not much happening in the weather world over the next 1-2 weeks.

Precipitation forecast through November 14th. 

Through the 14th of November, there is not a lot of precipitation forecast. The moisture that you do see showing up is coming after the 10th which is pretty far away and will likely change, hopefully for the better. So, I would say, we can expect some pretty quiet weather here for the next 10 days or so.

Temp outlook November 12-18 

The temperature outlook shows that the western 2/3s of Colorado will see warmer than average temperatures, not by much, but enough to notice. For the Eastern Plains of Colorado, including Denver, we have an equal chance of seeing above OR below normal temperatures.

NOTE: The Eastern half of the country will see some pretty cold temps for this period – especially around the Great Lakes.

Precip outlook from November 12-18

The precipitation outlook looks dry for the western half of Colorado. There’s a big ridge of the Western US that is blocking a lot of the storms from coming our way. That’s leading to the heat across the west and the lack of moisture moving in as well. As long as that ridge stays put, we’ll be slightly drier and warmer than normal. For Denver, we have an equal chance of seeing normal precipitation. We’ll see if anything can squeeze through but it is looking rather lackluster.

Drought Map for October 29, 2019

Finally, the drought map. This has changed slightly from the previous week. About 7% more of the state is in some kind of drought. Notice the worst drought is seen in the southwestern portion of the state. And remember, just 3 months ago, there was no drought anywhere in the state. So, it’s been increasingly dry even with the snowstorms.

For general info and for stats that I like to watch….

Top 20 weather events that happen in November

This is something that sparks interest to me. The top 20 weather events that have happened in November for Denver. Let’s see which ones are worth watching!

Stay tuned for more updates but enjoy the calmer weather we have.

~Rain or shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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