Thursday morning Denver International Airport dropper to 7 degrees below zero. This smashed the old record set back in 1932 and is officially our coldest March morning since 1960!

We normally average about 6 to 7 days of sub-zero temperatures in Denver every season and we just had our 7th day so we are right on par with normal. This cold came after fresh snow fell across the region.

Although not a major snowstorm, this was a very notable outbreak of cold air leaving many locations below zero this morning. The snow on the ground and the cloud cover above is going to keep our temperatures today well below normal. Highs are only supposed to reach into the upper teens.

We’ll see more cold into Friday morning as temperatures drop to near 0° yet again. Once we get to Friday, high temperatures will moderate but we’ll still expect cool highs in the 30s.

The overall pattern for the next week or so if for a ridge to setup up. Ridges bring warm and dry conditions and that is what we are expecting more than anything else. There is a weak little storm likely to roll over the state on Monday/Tuesday that will bring the mountains some fresh light snow. 3-6″ is looking possible for most mountains. This storm will not be bringing much in the way of any impacts to the Front Range other than a slight drop in temps and some clouds. We get even warmed towards the middle of next week once the ridge builds back in.

Checking in on our snowfall for the season. We’re doing great across the Front Range. Here’s a look at where we stand in Denver.

Through March 10, Denver/Central Park averages 35.2″ of snow. With yesterday’s snow, Denver/Central Park is at 41.2″. A nice surplus. Boulder averages 65.4″ of snow through March 10 and they have seen 74″! For Ft. Collins, they average 37.3″ through March 10 and have seen 41.7″. Colorado Springs averages 22.5″ through March 10 and they have seen 19.9″. One of the only places with below average numbers.

March is our snowiest month of the year but even has we get into April, more than a half foot of snow usually adds up. In May, Denver averages 1.5″ of snow so it’s hit or miss whether we actually see snow in May but it does happen at times!

Finally, drought has improved across Colorado. Since December, many areas around Denver have improved their drought status by 2 categories. Some areas (in yellow) have seen worsening drought conditions but on the whole, many areas are doing better.

Enjoy the warm weekend weather!


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