Woof. It’s hot.

And slightly cloudier too but that didn’t help keep the temperatures down at all. The clouds will continue into the evening for us. And Denver, you do have a chance for a shower tonight. Mainly in the overnight overs but nonetheless.

Friday – Sunday
Our synoptic scale pattern remains the same which is a high pressure over head. That’s keeping us hot and that isn’t going anywhere in the near future. I’m thinking there are going to be more clouds and a better chance of rain on Friday. Typical afternoon storms will be popping up. Again, virga is probably with these storms until the atmosphere moistens up. Could be looking at pretty strong winds with some of these storms.

Saturday, we have a shortwave disturbance that is riding the ridge and that is going to bring increased lift for storm development and that means more storms. These storms on Saturday will have better coverage and will have a good amount of moisture in them. If you get caught under one of these storms – it’s going to drop maybe 1-2 inches per hour. But upper level winds are going to keep these storms moving so don’t anticipate a full day of washout weather.

Sunday we continue with the afternoon storm chance. I’m sure the mountains will have better storm coverage than us here in Denver but the chance of some storms in Denver is probably. Just have your rain plan ready if you need one.

Next week looks similar to what tomorrow will be like. Monday – Wednesday will be hot still. Mid to upper 90s and storm chances. These storms will begin to be less frequent as our ridge of heat goes from N-S oriented to more W-E oriented. That will allow for moisture to not be as significant, hence the lower chance of rain.

This is the typical pattern we see this time of the year so get used to it.

Also, a good reminder with this extended heat that we are experiencing, don’t leave people in the car, take care of your pets and please drink plenty of water.

~Rain or Shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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