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Did you see the flooding in New Orleans this morning? This came from downpours associated with what will be Tropical Storm Barry.

I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday. It’s been an amazing day outside. Temps were held down in the lower 80s today (as expected) thanks to a weak cool front that moved through.

Not too much has changed with the upcoming forecast but let’s talk about it again because who doesn’t like weather, amirite?

Tonight will be a clear night. Temps will be comfortable by morning will little to no cloud cover. Thursday looks to be similar to today but temperatures are going to rise into the 90s and this is going to start a stretch of 90º heat that will last into the middle of next week.

The afternoon on Thursday will be slightly cloudier. Although we are still under high pressure (and that high pressure will be strongest on Thursday), some moisture is creeping in. This is mainly going to affect those in the mountains and foothills. Most of the showers tomorrow will struggle to produce a lot of rain but what they could have is some very gusty winds – so be aware of that. 
Friday and Saturday look similar. Highs in the 90s. Shower chances increase in the mountains. Could have some pretty wet storms both of these days but they will be isolated so you may not see any rain or you may see a lot of rain – that will be determined in the next day or so. We won’t have much severe weather but again, those gusty winds will be the main concern. Since it’s the weekend, I’ll mention that the mountains will have very good shower and storm coverage. Plan on that. 
Sunday continues out streak in the 90s and our potential for afternoon showers and storms. Again most of these will be confined to the mountains. Denver, I believe, will be mainly dry for most days over the next 5 days. 
Next week looks hot and dry! The monsoon that typically kicks in by now is not showing signs of being very active…we’ll have to watch that. 
On to the longer term. 
Temperature outlook for 716-7/20

Temperatures are supposed to warm up quite a bit. We’re looking at temps averaging 3-6º above average which keeps us solid in the 90s through the 20th… Woof. 

Precip. Outlook through 7/20

Precipitation is also looking to be near normal or slightly below normal for the period as well. We’ll see if the monsoon moisture creates anything for us but for now, it’s looking to be rather dry for a bit. Make sure you are water your lawns and keeping everything nice and wet. (I only say this as a reminder to myself ) haha

That’s all for now. 
~Rain or shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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