Downtown Denver on a Sunny Day 

It’s hard to think that we actually have a stretch of nice and warm weather ahead of us since February has scarred us with cloudy, cold and snowy days so frequently but alas, our forecast is looking fantastic.

In fact, it’s borderline going to feel a lot like Spring in Colorado for the foreseeable future.

February In Review

We know February was snowy. We officially received 16.5″ of snow which was well above our normal 7.7″ that is typically expected during the month. 
Our average temperatures came in at 28.1º F which was 4.4º colder than what is normally expected. 
There were more days with snow reported than not. 
And that’s what went into this February being a tough one to get through for non-winter lovers. 

What To Expect In March

Well, first off, March is Denver’s snowiest month out of the year. So, there’s that. 11.4″ of snow is what normally falls on average during the month of March. 
We see an average temperature of 40.4ºF. 
We see daily highs rise from the lower 50s at the start of the month to near 60º at the end of the month. Similarly, we see average lows rise from the low 20s to the low 30s by the end of the month. Not too shabby. 

Okay, So What’s The Forecast?

Much like today, the remainder of the week is looking to be sunny and WARM. Our weather is going to be dominated by a ridge of high pressure through the remainder of this week. That means that mainly clear skies and warm temperatures are to be expected. 
Temperatures and weather outlook for the day
Our next weather maker will move in for Sunday and will bring the mountains a dosing of light snow. Looks like 2-6″ is going to fall across most mountain locations from Saturday PM to Monday AM. For the Denver area and the Front Range, thanks to the warmth that we will see, it looks like we will mainly be talking about rain falling for us. As of now, it’s looking to be rather light stuff but it’s one of our first rain events of the season. 
Aside from that, there are no other immediate chances of precipitation for us that we need to concern ourselves with just yet. 
Temperature and Precipitation Outlook for March 9-17
When you look at the above graphic, what should stick out is that a majority of the lower 48 is going to see above-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation. This should equate to mainly rainy systems depending on your location.
It looks like the Southwest is going to see some decent precip over the next two weeks and that’s great news for them. 

Enjoy the weather! 

It’s going to be really superb here in Colorado through the first half of the weekend. 

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