Well, it’s been quite a while since we’ve talked about an outbreak of arctic air that could bring su-zero temperatures but that’s what we’re talking here. Some of the coldest air of the season and the coldest air that we’ve seen since one year ago.

I’ll talk cold and snow along the Front Range and then dive into the mountain forecast which is showing signals of staying VERY active for the next 7-10 days bringing lots of fresh pow days to the state.

Front Range Arctic Blast

The arctic blast that’s many have been talking about is solidly looking like it’ll move in this weekend. There’s been some hesitation around this just because we are on the western fringes of this arctic airmass and it wasn’t clear if we were going to just get some or all of the arctic air.

We’ve been so close to the edge of this airmass that, yes, we’ve had some cool days and nights but the Eastern Plains of Colorado have been sitting icy in the single digits and teens since Sunday. For example, Akron hasn’t felt a temperature above 16º this week and it’s not looking likely they’ll see a temp above 32º until Tuesday? Maybe. Feeling AND looking like a midwestern city in the middle of winter. Oof.

For Denver and the Front Range the coldest air is expected to hit on Friday and last through early next week. Thursday will be chilly too. We are likely not going to get above 32º. But Friday through Tuesday will be a very cold period with temperatures staying below 30º. The coldest of that air is likely on Sunday when Denver and surrounding areas don’t get out of the single digits and overnight lows drop below zero.

It is also going to be snowy at times as we watch two disturbances happening during this cold outbreak. One will come Friday to Saturday and the next will be Saturday to Sunday (and then another one possible by Tuesday of next week). With these two systems, a total of 2-3″ may fall. It won’t be heavy snow at all. It will be light, cold, wind driven at times, dreary snow. Sense by pessimism about this forecast. It’s just not going to be and ideal Valentine’s Weekend. Unless you’re in the mountains.

Mountain Forecast

Now, the mountains are setup to have a super next week to week and a half. The cold won’t be apparent in the mountains. It takes a lot for that heavy, arctic air to seep up and over the Front Range mountains. So, what they’re left with is decent and normal temperatures with fresh snow falling at least every 36 hours, if not more consistent than that.

Dyas with snow across the Colorado Rockies should play out as such:
Thursday-Friday storm
Saturday to Sunday/Monday storm
Tuesday to Wednesday/Thursday storm
A storm next weekend.

This will result in quite a bit of snow accumulation. The two main longe-range models are showing decent agreements of heavy snow just to varying degrees.

As you can see. Most models are hinting that between now and the 20th of the month, most mountain locations should see at least a foot of snow and could possibly see up to 3 feet of snow! Let’s hope this active pattern comes to fruition because we desperately need the snow.

We’re coming off a good week across Colorado in terms of mountain snow so our snowpack has actually increased a decent chunk.

Colorado Snowpack as of 2/210/21

The San Juan mountains are doing the best and have been this entire season. Where we are and have been struggling is just about everywhere else. The upcoming snows should make a decent dent in our deficit over the coming weeks.

Do your snow dances!


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