Here We Go! It’s About Time to Take Off



We’re leaving so soon! Currently we are in LA hanging with some friends that are being super kind to us. We’ve had a great time so far. It has been raining a lot here recently but that is SO GOOD for California. This February was the first February in over 130 years that the temperature did not get above 70º!! That’s a big deal here because apparently temperatures below 70º are extremely cold for locals haha

So here’s the thing, we’d love your help making this trip the trip of a lifetime! Not only will you be helping me jumpstart a new work endeavor but a portion of the donations will go to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) organizations at local schools in Australia and New Zealand!

All donations come with a least a personalized postcard from down under and a little trinket that we’ll find along the way and send of to you! Those details of what you’ll get for a donation is in the link below.

Thanks in advance for everything! Y’all are awesome and I’m going to make sure to live up to and exceed your expectations about what’s to come!


LINK: Go Fund Andy and STEM organizations

Also, Venmo is an option if setting up a GoFundMe is too much: AndyClayton23

This is a way for us to have some extra financial freedom while we’re there but also it’s a way to help STEM organizations as an added benefit so you know it’s not just benefitting me.

Now! My Facebook page is changing a bit. Still weather related but also content related now. The GoFundMe is how I’m going to be creating exclusive content and that exclusive content is a Segway into something bigger for me. So thank you for helping with that.

We’re making our way down under starting Monday PM. So, this upcoming week will be filled with a lot of pictures and videos showcasing that.

ALSO – tell me what you want to see. I want to be able to cater my content to what people would like to see! So give me a few examples or options of what you’d like to get from me out of a trip like this. I could use the help 🙂

Thanks again for everything.

Talk soon.

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