The headline says it all.

Happy Monday! It’s going to be a nice day outside temperature-wise. Highs are expected to get into the lower 70s for a lot of folks in the lower elevations. Highs up and down the I-25 corridor are expected to jump into the 70s this afternoon. The mountains, above 8,000 feet will be cooler with some snow possible in the northern mountains this afternoon as our next cold front begins to impact the state.

The big story today is going to be the wind. Wind is going to be whipping starting around lunchtime and lasting through the night. Warm SW winds will blow at 40-50 mph across the Plains, 40-60 mph in the mountains and 50-70 mph along the Foothills today.

High Wind warnings and wind advisories are posted for a large chunk of the state for the afternoon. On top of the warm and windy weather, the atmosphere is pretty dry today. Red flag warnings are posted for much of the Eastern Plains for high fire danger. So, no burning today.

So, where is all this weather coming from?! A large and in-charge cold front that is heading our way. The weather that we have today is somewhat typical of what to expect the day before a Spring cold front rushes by. So, what does this mean for Tuesday?

Snowy and Cold Tuesday

The cold front I am watching is going to fly by between 7pm (FoCo) and midnight (Pueblo/Trinidad) depending on where you are and with this front will come *some* snow. It could be heavy for a brief period overnight but due to the warmth we are expecting today, it will have a hard time sticking.

Here is a look at radar snapshots through the next 24 hours:

There is mainly light snow accumulation expected everywhere with this storm. Nothing that should be extremely impactful. Areas to the south and west of Denver may come out with 2-4″ but again, not enough to cause many issues.

We will have a chance of snow that will last all day Tuesday. Expect flurries and occasional snow showers for the whole day. But again, not much accumulation coming from this.

Denver: 0-2″
COS: 0-2″
Palmer Divide: 1-4″
Foothills: 2-5″
Mountains: 2-5″

After this bout of cold and snow on Tuesday, Wednesday through Sunday will be sunny and temperatures will warm nicely. Were looking at temperatures in the 70s this upcoming weekend with perfect sunshine!

March is ending as one of the wettest and snowiest March’s in our history thanks to the blizzard a couple weeks ago. This little bout of snow on Tuesday may push us even higher on the list for snowiest and wettest March’s.

Enjoy the weather. It’s the only weather we have.


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