Well damn. That was a long ass flight.

Everything went extremely smoothly which is great but 16 hours in the air is tough no matter what. We left LAX at 10:45PM on Monday night and made it to Sydney around 9AM on Wednesday morning! (Thanks to the international dateline). I took some ZZZquil and tried to stay up as late as I could to get the most sleep. I did alright. Slept for a total of about 8 hours or so tossing and turning every hour meaning that I didn’t get a solid nights sleep but at least I slept.

We landed in Sydney with all of our bags and everything with TSA and customs went extremely smooth. It was great. Oh, but I forgot to change clothes. I was dressed in sweats and jackets (bc it was pretty chilly in LA) and didn’t think to grab new clothes before I checked the bags. Well, it was about 82º and humid as hell when we landed so I had a good 1.5 hours of sweating before we got to our hotel (which we couldn’t check into because we were early). We ended changing and leaving our bags at our hotels and went to wander!

I wore new flip flops. Bad idea. I have like 5 new blisters on my feet ALREADY. UGH! Oh well. Lesson learned. We walked around the south side of Sydney for about 3 hours. Saw some really awesome homes and pretty tree-lined streets. Randomly stumbled upon the Sydney Opera House, too! I know I said random but it really wasn’t on our agenda for the day and we didn’t have a map, we were just walking haha. That was fun. It got up to 90º. O_O.

We finally got checked in and I took probably the best shower of my life. It was fantastic. There’s cockatiels that are wild here and they are exactly that. Wild. They’re loud and they fight each other in the sky! It’s crazy. We also saw some BIG bats. Like, I for some reason thought bats were small but these were the size of eagles! Not the greatest feeling with them being about 10 feet away staring at me…..

Random fact: they call elevators – ‘lifts’. They also call bandaids – ‘plasters’. Everyone says mate (As expected) and everyone’s accent immediately makes them 10X hotter to me. Also, as expected haha.

We finished our day with an awesome evening walk around several marinas and just really enjoyed a nice evening Down Under!

That’s about all for now. Just starting our second day. I’ll be back with more later.

Thanks for reading!



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