Monday and Tuesday have turned out to be amazing days. Downsloping winds off of the Rockies warm as the descend meaning that we have a warm wind out there and that has warmed us up to near 60º yet again!

A cold front is going to swing through the area later this evening around 7-8 pm or so. This will usher in colder temperatures for Wednesday. Highs will only be in the 30s Wednesday afternoon.

Since the colder air will already be in place, all we are missing is the moisture. A shortwave, or bout of energy riding along the jet stream, will move from Nevada to Colorado through the afternoon and evening hours on Wednesday. What this will do it eventually bring upslope winds to the area for Wednesday night into Thursday.

This will be similar to the snow we woke up to on Sunday. Sticky, wet snow that is slushy and wet. As is typical with an upslope event, the Foothills and Palmer Divide will get the most snow and the amount of snow you see will decrease the further west you go.

I’m watching for this shortwave to swing a bit further south which would mean overall less snow for our area. We really need pieces of jet stream energy to line up in the perfect location in order for us to see a substantial upslope event and while this looks like a healthy dose for us, it doesn’t appear to look huge.

The further south you go, like Colorado Springs and Pueblo, may see more accumulation because they are positioned better for this setup. Things could change though even though we are talking about tomorrow’s forecast. Here’s what it’s looking like accumulation-wise across Colorado from Wednesday to Thursday.

Likely amount of snow from Wednesday night to Thursday

Notice in the expected amount of snow, areas around Colorado Springs and Pueblo with receive more snow. Now, there it the potential for areas to see more snow and that could raise totals in all areas as such:

Possible high-end snow amount Wednesday to Thursday

Notice with this graphic, still, Colorado Springs and Pueblo will see more snow than Denver but the potential of impactful accumulations will be possibly widespread.

For now, expect maybe 2-4″ in Denver proper. 3-7″ in the Foothills, near Boulder and across the Palmer Divide. The mountains will see less snow but they should pick up a nice inch or two by Thursday morning.

We dry out Thursday afternoon and into Friday before another round of snow moves in for Saturday afternoon.

Enjoy the snow! Spring is right around the corner! But so are our two snowiest months of the season 🙂


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