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Have you ever flown over Colorado in the winter? This is normally what you’ll see:

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Did you enjoy the random snow showers over this weekend in the Front Range?
Just last night, right against the Rockies in Boulder and Larimer counties, some areas picked up some measurable snow!

Now, as we move forward it’ll be mainly the cold that I’ll be talking about. We have a few shots at some insignificant snow but aside from that. It’ll be quiet.

We have a weak little disturbance rolling through on this Monday. That’ll bring the Front Range some snow showers this afternoon. Nothing significant. Maybe an inch, maybe not even that. The higher elevations will get a couple of inches of snow – rather insignificant for them as well but adding to that awesome base nonetheless!

There’s a disturbance that will roll into California soon that’ll bring areas around Pueblo and Trinidad, Colorado some snow. Again, nothing major but a few inches of snow is possible.

Now, just to prove that we’re not expecting much – here’s a look at snow accumulation all the way through December 13th. 

This is snow added WITH what we could see through Wednesday. So, from Wednesday to next Wednesday essentially, the mountains may get 1-4″ of snow. Not much. Not travel issues or weather alerts are expected.

So what else? Temps! It is cold out there and it has been cold. Some areas Sunday morning woke up to the negative teens outside! 

I said BRR. It’s cold out there. More of that to come but maybe just not as intense. Temperatures will slowly moderate through the week. Today will be cold with highs in the 30s. Tuesday will be slightly warmer with highs in the low 40s (maybe) and then Wednesday we get another blast of cold air. Highs may struggle on hump day to get out of the 20s. Then the 50s are in store for the weekend.

If you’re wanting to take some turns on the slopes – it’ll be cold up there but with the added snow (Almost daily) up there since last week, the base will be nice and fluffy and easy to ride. Get after it! It’ll also get increasingly sunnier throughout the week. Something us Coloradans can’t go a few days without seeing.

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