We have sunshine! TGIF, amirite? What a welcome relief it is to have this after a very cool, damp and cloudy week. But hey, this week of moisture wasn’t bad at all. We basically got the update that our drought across the state has been completely eradicated and that, is good news.

Weekend: looks great, sunny and warm!
Early next week: Clouds increase, rain chances go up and temperatures cool a bit
Mid-week: we’re looking at another round of wet weather. Shouldn’t be as persistent.

Now, the big Q. What’s the weekend look like? It looks amazing and that’s only slightly an exaggeration but honestly, compared to this week of weather, sunshine and warmer temperatures do sound amazing, doesn’t it? A lot of ski resorts are actually going to be open this weekend! Arapahoe Basin, Aspen and Purgatory will be operating this Saturday and Sunday thanks to the great snow that we keep seeing.

Friday evening is shaping up to be very pleasant. As you’ve probably noticed, there are just a few clouds making their way across our skies. That’s about typical this time for the year. Temperatures tonight will be fairly close to average. Average lows this time of the year for Denver are in the mid-40s. Tonight’s low should be around 42°, which is the slightest bit below normal. The mountain will see temps dip into the 20s and 30s.

Sidebar: check out this satellite shot from earlier today (5/24/19)

Satellite imagery showing snow and some clouds 

Aside from some cool mountain wave clouds in Western Colorado, this is a pretty clear image that makes seeing all of the fresh snow very easy. Lots of great snow has fallen across the state and again, it was good for our drought! 

Clear skies will stay with us for all of Saturday across the state. We may have those pesky popcorn cumulus clouds but they won’t pose a threat. Highs in Denver Saturday will push the mid to upper 70s! Bust out the sunscreen, it’s been a quick minute since we’ve had this much sun! The mountains will be gorgeous as well with highs in the 50s and 60s respective to elevation. 
Sunday is also shaping up to be very pretty and even warmer than on Saturday. Highs should be pushing 80° for Denver! The mountains will warm as well, reaching into the 50s and 60s. Now, clouds will be on the increase on Sunday evening. Showers chances are very low but there is a possibility of a stray shower hitting northern and northeastern areas of Colorado.
Now, Monday through about Wednesday (really through Thursday), clouds will be common across the area. Another pattern of wet weather with move in. This time with no snow! At least for lower elevations. Snow will again be in the forecast for areas above 9,500 feet. Temperatures will cool slightly and fall into the 60s for the majority of the Plains and into the 30/40s for the mountains. Snow totals are going to rand from 3-8″ with isolated 10″+ amounts at the highest elevations. 
Snow possibility through June 6th. Most will fall b/w the 28-31
OTHER WEATHER NEWS: The Southeastern US is prepping for some very abnormally hot weather. Highs will be common in the 90s and 100s with a lot of humidity. Oy. Drink your water, folks. 
Ridge of warmth over the SE US
Flooding and severe weather will stay constant across the Central US thanks to the pesky ridge keeping the Southeast so warm. You” probably see more tornado, flood and damage videos by the end of the weekend. Take the necessary precautions if you or anyone you know is in the area. 
Flood Threat continues

It’s definitely not a quiet time but for Colorado, the next 72 hours-ish will be pretty quiet. I hope you enjoy the weather this weekend! It’ll be great. 

~Rain or Shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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