The system I was watching last week that had the potential to bring some cooler, wintery weather to Colorado….has fizzled out. Womp womp. Well, not completely but we’re not going to see many impacts from it at all.

I was on TV in Colorado Springs this week talking about the forecasts. Here’s my forecast from Saturday which is largely still relevant…

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So…rather than a fun storm to watch this week, we’re looking at a mainly dry extended forecast with only a brief cooldown that will come with some mediocre precipitation chances.

The big blue blob that moves through Minnesota and the Great Lakes region was our storm. It has since really moved away from us. It will be close enough to drop temperatures a measly few degrees and it will bring one of the first breezy fall days with higher fire danger.

Fire danger will mainly be confined to the eastern Plains but windy/breezy conditions will be around much of the state

The Foothills norther and west of Denver will have the breeziest conditions with gusts up to 50 mph possible on the higher peaks and favored wind drainage areas. Along I-25, gusts could be as high as 25-30mph. And it’ll be dry.

Much of the forecast is looking dry now. Ridging is going to be the main name of the game this upcoming week. This is what the models are showing for rain and snow totals through this next weekend.

Not much. We’ll have to wait until the next big signal to show up in models to talk about more exciting weather which is looking like the 17/18th. Until then, enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures the next 7 days will hold.

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