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We’ve been in a bit of a stormy pattern recently which has brought some strong storms to the eastern Plains. Hail, strong winds, flooding and even some landspout tornadoes have been reported in Colorado over the last week. We’ve been under a rather stagnant pattern of westerlies with embedded energy that has brought these consistent afternoon storms. That will continue for a few more days before we dry out and warm up this weekend.


Tuesday’s severe weather chances are once again elevated.

SPC Outlook for Tuesday

The latest update for severe storms on Tuesday will extend from the I-25 corridor to the east. The highest chances of seeing severe storms will be up near the Nebraska border. Today’s storm will come with the threat of tornadoes (albeit not a very high chance), strong winds over 58 mph and large hail the size of a golf ball or larger.

We will see storms spark up this afternoon which will travel from west to east and eventually converge into a line of organized thunderstorms as it pushes east out of state. There’s higher confidence that the eastern Plains will have severe storms but we could see that threat push back towards Denver depending on a few variables. The folks at the Weather Service in Boulder summed it up nicely.

Lot’s to watch today so keep an eye to the sky.

Rest of the Week

Moving to Wednesday and Thursday, we keep the chance for a few showers and storm in the forecast but the severe threat lessens a good bit.

Wednesday and Thursday will come with a more general risk of showers and storms but a few areas of the state (those shaded in darker green) will continue will a minor threat of severe storms. Hail and winds being the bigger threats.

Once we head towards the end of the week, we’ll begin to see some summer-like heat build in. A ridge of high pressure will slowly be approaching our area while strengthening and it will bring some of the hottest air of the season so far.

Forecast over the next 7 days

Afternoon high temperatures will jump into the upper 80s by Thursday and Friday with widespread 90s in the forecast for this weekend. It should be a clear and sunny weekend so it’ll be nice to get out and enjoy the sun but don’t forget the sunscreen and to stay hydrated as this will be on of the hottest summer weekends of the season so far.

Looking ahead into the middle of the month – it looks like hot and dry weather is expected more than anything.

It’s been a decent end of May into early June in regard to moisture and temperatures but it looks like that could change soon so enjoy the weather!


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