If you didn’t know it, this morning featured a snowband north and east of Denver. That snow band was forecast but really over-performed. Areas were supposed to see 1-2″ of snow maybe 3″ but a good chunk of the snow that fell measured up to 4-8″!

Snowfall Wednesday Morning

Needless to say, the Plains need some moisture so this is a good surprise.

The forecast for Denver and the Front Range remains unchanged. 1-3″ of snow is expected across the I-25 corridor and 2-5″ of snow is forecast for the west and south sides of Denver.

Snow has already begun falling in many areas. This setup, surprisingly, has some springtime vibes to it. Some of the snow showers could be produce heavy bouts of snow and then move away before another comes. This will be more consistent in the Foothills and Palmer Divide but nonetheless, the possibility of heavier periods of snow exists tonight. In fact, this airmass is so springlike, thundersnow is a possibility this evening in some areas.

Monument at 4:00 pm

As you can see, Monument was pretty snowy by the 4 o’clock hour while Denver was mainly dry with a few flurries. Areas like Monument have the potential to get up to 7 or 8″ of snow tonight. Whether that is Monument of Perry Park or USAFA or Larkspur is yet to be determined.

El Paso and Teller counties (Colorado Springs and Woodland Park areas) are under awinter weather advisory for 2-7″ of snow by tomorrow morning. None of that here in Denver as we will come out with totals below the threshold needed for an advisory.

Roads will be slick Thursday morning so keep that in mind if you’re venturing out. We’ll see sunnier skies from Thursday afternoon through the weekends with highs getting into the 40s for the metro area.


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