Happy Hump Day!

UGH. It got cloudier than I anticipated. I should’ve known that we wouldn’t dry out completely based off of the last few weeks. Here’s a look at cloud cover tomorrow afternoon:

Cloud cover on Thursady around 3PM 

Oh well. In bigger news! We hit 90º today for the first time this year! This is abnormally late but not groundbreaking. It’s the 17th latest 90º temp…

Continuing on: the rest of tonight, there will be storms that turn severe across the Eastern Plains. I don’t think Denver has to worry about getting wet but the Plains could see large hail and very strong winds.

The rest of the week will be sunnier. Promise. The ridge is continuing to build and that will continue to dry us out. However, we will have enough moisture in place for clouds to form and some of those to turn severe East of Denver. We really can’t rule out the chance for storms, but the probability of them happening is very low.

Highs through Saturday will be in the lower to mid-90s. And we will stay in the 90s longer than the 10 minutes that I think we felt 90º today.

High temps on Thursday 

Our ridge won’t be breaking down completely, but it will begin to move a bit. This will allow some shortwaves, or minor chunks of energy, to flow over the state. This will bring the chance of rain back to Denver by Monday but if you have any plans up in the mountains on Sunday, be ready for some showers and storms.

Next week looks decent. We keep the threat of rain around on Monday but will begin to dry out a bit by Tuesday.

Unfortunately, 6 people have drowned in the swift-moving waters this season alone. Don’t be scared of the water just be smart.

That’s all for now!

~Rain or Shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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