Yesterday was pretty great. We had a very awesome sunset thanks to a line of weak showers tht moved across the metro. And thanks to the timing of those storms, we ended up with a pretty cool double rainbow!

Fast forward to today. As promised, it was a sunny and dry day (thank goodness)! And very warm out but overall comfortable. We’re not going to change up too much tonight. The few clouds we have will dissipate.

Wednesday looks good. A very weak cool front is skirting the NE side of the state and that is going to shift our winds by tomorrow. They will be from the NW and that will allow our temperatures to stay a bit cooler than today. I’m aiming for the mid-80s for us.

Thursday and Friday look mostly dry. A high pressure is building over the four corners and as it gets stronger, it’s actually going to start to pick of pacific moisture and deposit it into our area. We bring back the *slight* chance of a shower on Thursday and a better chance of showers on Friday. Since we’re under a high pressure, these storms are going to be pretty high-based. Be on the lookout for some cool virga out there. Anything that reaches the ground will be light but we could have some gusty winds with these showers. Temps are also going up. We’re looking at lower to mid-90s for the end of the week.

The weekend doesn’t look too much different. We have a small shortwave (or disturbance in the jet stream) that may impact the area. With the building moisture and warm temps, it’s seeming likely to have showers and storms on Saturday and probably Sunday too. Although, Sunday is a little trickier just because there are some differences in the models right now. Temps will continue to be in the 90s this weekend. That’s typical for us.

Our extended outlook calls for much of the same. Warm temperatures and monsoon moisture bringing us afternoon storm chances.

For now, enjoy the next few days of calmer weather!

~Rain or shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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