Well that was quite the storm! Totals came in very close, if not above, what was expected. The big winners were up by Red Feather Lakes (where the Cameron Peak Fire is. Yay!) and down in Southern Colorado where close to two feet fell!

Ft. Collins, CO

Fort Collins and northern Colorado did very well with this storm. Upwards of a foot of snow fell across the northern Front Range with close to 20″ falling over the Cameron Peak Fire.

A look at snowfall reports from NoCo show 8-20″ of snow. A band of snow set up in this area early in the day on Sunday and led to a lot of snow stacking up quickly. Estes Park saw between 10-14″ of snow with more likely up in Rocky Mountain National Park (where the East Troublesome Fire is)

Quick Fire Update

Cameron Peak Fire – 208,663 acres – 64% contained
East Troublesome Fire – 192,560 acres – 15% contained
Calwood Fire – 10,105 acres – 76% contained
Williams Fork Fire – 14,749 acres – 40% contained
Middle Fork Fire – 20,433 acres. 12% contained

All of these fires saw snow and will continue to see cold temperatures through Tuesday. Drier weather will continue from Wednesday through the weekend with some windy weather returning. We may see some elevated fire danger by this weekend so while this storm helped a ton, it may not have extinguished everything we wanted.

Boulder, CO

Boulder saw quite a bit of snow, as did plenty areas north and west of Denver proper. Downtown Denver saw about 4″ of snow while DEN saw about 3.5″. Regardless, this is a good thing and will not only help with our drought but it’s nice to finally get a change in the hot, dry fire weather we’ve seen.

Denver Metro snow totals

Areas towards the Palmer Divide picked up around a half a foot of snow which made for some tricky travel all across the region which will stay bad through Wednesday morning on the side and back roads.

Walsenburg, CO

A big winner was down in southern Colorado where upwards of 2 feet of snow fell!

Colorado Springs to Pueblo snow totals

Colorado Springs ended with 2-5″ of snow but down in Pueblo, they got between 5-10″ of snow making it one of their bigger snowstorms in the last few years! You can see the high totals in the Sangre De Cristo range where 12-24″ of snow fell!

Grand Junction Snow Totals

and, Finally, Grand Junction. They also saw an amazing storm on Sunday. 4-7″ of snow fell on the city making it one of their bigger storms within the last few years, too!

Overall is was a good storm for all of Colorado. There are a few more snow showers through Monday and some bitter cold temperatures but accumulation is basically done.

Looking Ahead

Temperature Forecast

Temperatures will begin to moderate in Denver back to normal by Friday. Until then, cool weather will be with us but sunny skies with return for Tuesday and last through the weekend. WE don’t have too much active weather approaching and it looks like we may have to wait a good bit before another storm rolls through but at least we got this one.

Bonus: Ski area photos

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