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Alex O'Brien @WXAlexOBrien
Pikes Peak has Mount Fuji beat. But that elevation change between Tokyo and My Fuji though... #COwx #Tokyo2020 https://t.co/2oe8APLR38

Tall dust devil east of Loveland, near southward-advancing outflow boundary #cowx https://t.co/O1lvQFmQHT AndySteinWx photo

Be VERY careful in the Poudre canyon today and around the Cameron Peak burn scar. There is a significant chance of seeing flash flooding in that area through the afternoon.

#COwx #CameronPeak https://t.co/x3ZtR0U6PV
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Some decent rain totals from Thursday across Colorado.

These reports are from where people live and there was a decent bout of moisture that fell where there are no reporting stations but overall, you can see that there was good coverage of showers and storms yesterday.

#COwx https://t.co/pwd3GrHVd6
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☔️ More monsoon moisture expected today across a large portion of Colorado.

Heavy rains have been wreaking havoc across the state causing mudslides and flooding in numerous areas - especially burn scar areas - and that could again happen today.

Heavy… https://t.co/LRivVIBC2P https://t.co/f9xI6iyPg0
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What would you think about storm warnings that move with the threat? Our #GlobalSystemsLab and @NOAANSSL researchers are working with @NWS forecasters to test a proposed "Threats in Motion" concept. Learn: https://t.co/gTukGKoxhL https://t.co/DH6gUupiV5

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I’m a weatherman in Denver, CO. I create weather content for magazines and publications around Colorado. 🏳️‍🌈He/him/his #WeatherNerd #Denver #COwx https://andysweather.com/weather-content/
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