Thanks to everyone who visited the site recently! This was my biggest event to-date in terms of viewership and visitors so thank you so much for at least looking. Here’s to a great winter ahead of forecasting and talking about booms and busts and all the wild weather that is to come.

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There were a few surprises with the recent storm but generally, everyone got a little something, something from this – even those that weren’t expecting much (looking at you Colorado Springs). Here’s a look at the snow totals as of 7:00am Friday. *Note: some of these totals are a bit higher given a bit of extra snow that has fallen since 7:00am which mainly impacts Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

The highest totals came in around Golden which got 11-12″ of snow.
Denver saw between 3-6″
Boulder: 7-10″
Ft. Collins: 2-4″ (bust)
Colorado Springs: 5-7″ (boom)
Pueblo: 1-3″ (slight boom)

Generally, every played out as expected. We did see a biggest push of snowfall in the Denver metro early Friday morning. That led to a tricky start to the day and the evening push of snow definitely held off a bit longer than expected but again, most everything came together nicely.

This mornings satellite is showing a lot of snow cover over the eastern Plains. Under clearing skies, we’ll melt *some* of this snow but it will be a very cold day so don’t expect all of it to melt.

Highs may not break out of the teens in a few spots this afternoon so bundle up! Tonight, with fresh snow, light winds and clearing skies – we will be exceptionally cold across the region.

Lows will be in the single digits across the entirety of the eastern Plains. The Grand Valley and San Luis Valley will be sub-zero as will many mountain locations. Bundle up!

Here’s a look at your 7-day forecast. Much of the state moderating back to near-normal levels by Sunday and continuing into the Thanksgiving holiday.

As far as storms go, nothing is looking solid at this point. I’d expect mostly dry conditions to end November.

A couple of the models are picking up on some snow for the mountains locations around Aspen and Steamboat for the Thanksgiving holiday but other than that, we’re looking mostly dry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the cold and snow! Your regularly scheduled fall will resume now.


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  1. Thank you, Andy, I love your forecasts and sense of humor!

    1. Aw thanks! Onto the next one!

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