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Flash Drought: What Led to Colorado’s Drought Worsening Quicker Than Normal

Drought is measured by a lack of precipitation falling from the sky but what happens when you lack precipitation in the sky and in the ground?


Colorado’s Monsoon Season

Colorado’s monsoon season is part of what is the North American Monsoon. It typically brings rain to areas of the desert southwest and a portion of annual rains. What about this years?


Finally, A Change of Pace. Cooler Air and Rain Showers Coming.

After a long stretch of hot weather, smoke and no rain, rain and cooler weather are forecast.


Summer Thunderstorm Chances Are at Their Season Low in Colorado

Daily rain chances are at their seasonal minimum. But why?

Rare June Snow and Beneficial Soaking Rain

June snow in Colorado is not exceedingly rare but it does not always happen.

An Extremely Powerful and Rare Derecho Just Impacted Colorado

An extremely rare derecho hit Colorado with winds up to 110 mph and loads of tree damage around the Denver Metro.

Record Heat Possible, Wind and Then A Cool Down

Denver and Colorado will see record heat possible with increasing winds and fire danger before a much needed cool down moves in.


Dry Heat vs. Moist Heat. Why Colorado’s Dry Heat is Better.

The Real-Feel Temperature that you feel on your skin on a given day differs depending on where you are located in the country and to me, one is definitely better than the other.

The Omega Block

The Omega Block weather pattern is not uncommon. It’s a very large high pressure system that is bookend by two low pressure systems. The shape that this weather pattern makes resembles that of the Greek letter Omega.


The 2019-2020 Snow Season – A Roller Coaster of a Season

The 2019-2020 snow season along the Front Range in Colorado was above-average for many. Boulder saw it’s snowiest season on record. Denver saw average snow.


May Ends With Thunderstorms and Warmth

Thunderstorms and warm temperatures are forecast through the rest of May.

Memorial Day Weather in Colorado – Rain and Snow Coming

Memorial Day Weekend in Colorado. The weather is looking rough in Denver, Colorado Spring and the mountains. Snow is in the forecast for some.

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