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Incoming Snowier and Colder Weather

Another round of snow is heading for Denver and the Front Range. Get ready for a wet couple inches of snow by Thursday morning. More in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.


Front Range: Upcoming Blast of Cold and Snow. Mountains: Steady Snow Possible

An active and COLD pattern is setting up. Denver should feel sub-zero temperatures this weekend. Mountain snowpack is going up and the forecast looks good.


Winter Is (Finally, Hopefully) Coming to Colorado

Cold and snow are likely headed this way throughout February—and with much of the state experiencing severe drought conditions, it can’t come soon enough.


It’s About That Time – Will It Be A Snowy Winter?!

Currently we are in a La Niña phase which is forecast to last through winter and into Spring of 2021 and just as you’d expect, that has implications of what our winter will look like here in Colorado.

The Drought is Worsening and Big Time Heat on its Way

Drought Is Worsening in Colorado and there is not much rain on the way. High heat and winds could increase fire danger.


Winds and Fire Danger for Thursday, Freeze Friday AM

Windy conditions will increase and humidity values will decrease leading to fire danger across Colorado. Denver will see a potential freeze.


May the 4th Be With You Forecast

This past weekend was categorized by awesome temps with some storms around. Some of those storms produced large hail and damaging winds but they were largely away from any city areas, which is good. Although, it would’ve been nice to get a little rain around the area. Denver picked up 0.04″ of rain this weekend but some areas near the Nebraska border saw 1-2″! … Read More May the 4th Be With You Forecast


April 2020 Climate Summary for Denver

Colder and Drier than normal conditions persisted through April ion Denver Colorado


Record Cold Is Coming to Denver

April is a wild weather month in Denver. Not only is April our second snowiest month, it’s also a month where intense heat and severe storms can occur.


So, the weather outside has been rather perfect for early March. We saw a slight drop in temperatures compared to Wednesday but with full sunshine, you couldn’t really tell. That slight drop in temps came from a cold front that moved through. It seems weird to talk about a cold front with no snow coming with it but hey, I’ll take it. Forecast  As … Read More RECORD WARMTH POSSIBLE THIS WEEKEND!

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