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Colorado Weather: An intense and long-lived heatwave incoming

Triple digit heat is forecast across Colorado next week as a ridge of high pressure sets up over the western US.


Fire Danger That Hasn’t Been Seen Since 2006, Expected for Western Colorado on Thursday

Extreme fire danger is forecast for Western Colorado for the first time since 2006.


Don’t be fooled, much of Colorado is still a tinderbox

It’s been a noticeably wet and snowy start to the year in Denver. In fact, it’s been the wettest start to a year since the early 1940s but this isn’t the case everywhere.


Colorado Weather Update

I don’t know about you but when we crossed over into a New Year, I was very hopeful that our weather would miraculously shift and become better. Unfortunately, the drought, above-average temperatures and overall bad place that we are in weather-wise, has not changed.


Mountain Snow, Metro Flurries, Then a Big Warm-Up

Denver and Colorado have seen a bit of an active pattern recently but that will come to an end. A big warm up is expected.


The Upcoming Snow Cycle Could be Enough to Allow for More Ski Areas to Open and Could Start Our Winter Snowpack

Happily, I’m writing about a pattern change that should be a bit of a game-changer for Colorado. This won’t be a drought-buster but it will provide relief to the drought, it should kick off the snowpack season, and it should allow for more ski areas to open


Wildfire Update and Weekend Snow and Cold Incoming

After an exceptionally dry and wildfire-filled October, some cold and snow are in the forecast and it will be a blast of cold that will make it feel like the dead of winter.


Flash Drought: What Led to Colorado’s Drought Worsening Quicker Than Normal

Drought is measured by a lack of precipitation falling from the sky but what happens when you lack precipitation in the sky and in the ground?

Record Heat Possible, Wind and Then A Cool Down

Denver and Colorado will see record heat possible with increasing winds and fire danger before a much needed cool down moves in.

The Drought is Worsening and Big Time Heat on its Way

Drought Is Worsening in Colorado and there is not much rain on the way. High heat and winds could increase fire danger.


The Polar Vortex in May?

The Polar Vortex is showing itself a little late in the season. This brings cold to the east and a ridge will bring warmth to the west.


May the 4th Be With You Forecast

This past weekend was categorized by awesome temps with some storms around. Some of those storms produced large hail and damaging winds but they were largely away from any city areas, which is good. Although, it would’ve been nice to get a little rain around the area. Denver picked up 0.04″ of rain this weekend but some areas near the Nebraska border saw 1-2″! … Read More May the 4th Be With You Forecast

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