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Denver Weather: A welcomed forecast – below average temperatures and rain on the way

ot and dry June so far. Temperatures in Denver are running 5.7º above normal so far thanks to an intense stretch of 90 and 100º heat but that is about to change. At least temporarily.


Colorado weather: Wildfire smoke forecast

Smoke has been filling our skies along the Front Range but some areas of Colorado have it much worse.


Fire Danger That Hasn’t Been Seen Since 2006, Expected for Western Colorado on Thursday

Extreme fire danger is forecast for Western Colorado for the first time since 2006.


Denver weather has been cloudier than Seattle and wetter than Miami this spring

Since March 1, Denver has been wetter than Miami and cloudier than the Pacific Northwest. In what is the wettest start to a year since 1983, Denver residents are finding themselves realizing that we are not going to have 300 days of sunshine this year as the city boasts.


Denver weather: Memorial Day weekend is looking wet and cool

What is arguably one of the busiest weekends for outdoor activities of the year, Memorial Day weekend is approaching and the weather — well some of that is also approaching and the timing may not be what you’re hoping for.


Another Wet Day for Denver, the Front Range Mountains and NE Colorado

A very wet day 24 hours is ending in NE Colorado leaving some with over a half a foot of rain and more than a foot of snow as winter and spring clash in Denver.


Front Range Forecast: Fire Danger, Snow and Isolated Severe Thunderstorms Then Clearing

After a beautiful weekend, rain and snow return with some severe storms possible on Tuesday. We clear out and really warm up for the weekend.


March Ends as one of the Snowiest and Wettest March’s on Record for Denver

March 2021 is a March to remember for all of those that endured the great blizzard of 2021. Not only did this epic snow month improve drought concerns, it pushed us over our annual expected amount of snow with our second snowiest month of the year still to come!


High Fire Danger, High Winds and High Temperatures for Monday Before Snow on Tuesday

Lots of sunshine, high winds and warm temperatures today will give way to snow showers and a much colder Tuesday across the region.


Historic Snowstorm Continues to Slam Denver and the Front Range

A historic snowstorm is slamming Denver and with continue to affect us through the night. Hunker down.

Weekend Snowstorm Could Smash Snow Records in Denver

Could the totals be true? Are we in for FEET of snow this weekend? It’s a definitely possibility and likelihood for some.

Denver Locks in its Biggest Snowfall of the Season

A big snowstorm just hit Denver bringing over a foot of snow to the downtown area. This really helped our season totals catch up and brought some great moisture with it.

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