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March Ends as one of the Snowiest and Wettest March’s on Record for Denver

March 2021 is a March to remember for all of those that endured the great blizzard of 2021. Not only did this epic snow month improve drought concerns, it pushed us over our annual expected amount of snow with our second snowiest month of the year still to come!


Historic Snowstorm Continues to Slam Denver and the Front Range

A historic snowstorm is slamming Denver and with continue to affect us through the night. Hunker down.

Weekend Snowstorm Could Smash Snow Records in Denver

Could the totals be true? Are we in for FEET of snow this weekend? It’s a definitely possibility and likelihood for some.

Denver Locks in its Biggest Snowfall of the Season

A big snowstorm just hit Denver bringing over a foot of snow to the downtown area. This really helped our season totals catch up and brought some great moisture with it.


Colorado Weather Update

I don’t know about you but when we crossed over into a New Year, I was very hopeful that our weather would miraculously shift and become better. Unfortunately, the drought, above-average temperatures and overall bad place that we are in weather-wise, has not changed.


Strong Winds Coming With A Cold and Blustery Wednesday

It’s been a beautiful Tuesday. Sunshine and highs in the low 60s helped a lot of folks get out and about today. There is some snow already falling in the highest peaks right now associated with a cold front that will bring the Front Range and Plains some very windy conditions. Winds will be most intense on the Plains but gusts in Denver are … Read More Strong Winds Coming With A Cold and Blustery Wednesday


Holiday Forecast and a Look Ahead to a Possible Stormy New Years Pattern

First of all, Happy Winter Solstice! Today is the shortest day of the year! It’s all uphill from now on. The main weather type that has been impacting us since Sunday has been wind. And, jeeze, it has been breezy. The mountains and Foothills have seen gusts up to hurricane force! While areas around the Metro have seen 20-30 mph gusts. Needless to say, … Read More Holiday Forecast and a Look Ahead to a Possible Stormy New Years Pattern


The Past Week Has Been A Very Snow Period for Denver

For Denver standards, seeing measurable snow 6 days in a row is a pretty rare thing to have happen and that’s what just happened.


Cooler Weather? Is That You?!

It has been a hot and dry August in Denver. We are rivaling centuries year old heat records but a cool down is coming for some.

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