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More Monsoon Moisture Coming to Colorado – Everyone Should Get a Little Something by This Weekend

Monsoon rains are expected to work their way across Colorado through this week and into the weekend. Some good moisture should be realized across southern Colorado.


Monsoon Moisture to Bring Beneficial Rain to Southern and Western Colorado

More heat is on the way but some monsoon rains should help to cool some of this weekend. It looks like the SW Corner of Colorado may do the best in terms of rainfall this weekend.


Colorado weather: July ending with near record heat across the state

July has been a warm month in Denver. We have felt 90-degree heat on 17 days this month already, and more will be added to that before the workweek ends.


Colorado’s Monsoon Season

Colorado’s monsoon season is part of what is the North American Monsoon. It typically brings rain to areas of the desert southwest and a portion of annual rains. What about this years?


Summer Thunderstorm Chances Are at Their Season Low in Colorado

Daily rain chances are at their seasonal minimum. But why?

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