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Colorado Weather: Fourth of July forecast looks to be okay for any outdoor plans

As you make your way out this weekend, prepare for the threat of lightning and flash flooding, especially near burn scars. Most areas of the state are expecting thundershowers to develop Friday and Saturday with some slight drying for Sunday and Monday.


Denver Weather: A welcomed forecast – below average temperatures and rain on the way

ot and dry June so far. Temperatures in Denver are running 5.7º above normal so far thanks to an intense stretch of 90 and 100º heat but that is about to change. At least temporarily.


Denver weather has been cloudier than Seattle and wetter than Miami this spring

Since March 1, Denver has been wetter than Miami and cloudier than the Pacific Northwest. In what is the wettest start to a year since 1983, Denver residents are finding themselves realizing that we are not going to have 300 days of sunshine this year as the city boasts.


Front Range Forecast: Fire Danger, Snow and Isolated Severe Thunderstorms Then Clearing

After a beautiful weekend, rain and snow return with some severe storms possible on Tuesday. We clear out and really warm up for the weekend.


Finally, A Change of Pace. Cooler Air and Rain Showers Coming.

After a long stretch of hot weather, smoke and no rain, rain and cooler weather are forecast.

Rare June Snow and Beneficial Soaking Rain

June snow in Colorado is not exceedingly rare but it does not always happen.

Record Heat Possible, Wind and Then A Cool Down

Denver and Colorado will see record heat possible with increasing winds and fire danger before a much needed cool down moves in.

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