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What’s the difference between a tornado and a landspout tornado?

A highly-viewed tornado spun just north of Denver on Monday but this wasn’t just a regular tornado, it was a landspout tornado


Hurricanes VS. Tornadoes

Hurricanes are daunting enough to deal with no matter which area of the Globe a cyclone is impacting. Tornadoes embedded within a hurricane make these storms even more daunting. Here are some facts about tornadoes that occur within hurricanes.


‘Near-average’ April was marked by deadliest tornado outbreak in 6 years

April 2020 saw relatively normal temperatures and precipitation across the U.S., the first slightly-cooler-than-average month since November 2019


Tornado Sheltering Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic

An outbreak of severe thunderstorms appears likely Sunday into Sunday night, with the greatest threat expected from Louisiana through much of the Southeast and Tennessee Valley

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