The Omega Block weather pattern is not uncommon. We see it several times a year around the country but what is it? It’s just a very large high pressure system that is bookend by two low pressure systems. The shape that this weather pattern makes resembles that of the Greek letter Omega which is where the name comes from. The high pressure, or ridge, in this case is stronger than the low pressures so they have no effect on moving it and relieving us from the heat.

This type of pattern typically lasts for over a week and in our case, it’s looking to last upwards of 8-14 days. This particular omega block pattern will continue to move slowly to the east bringing a lot of warmth to our area in the form of 80s and 90s.

The omega block will make itself known for the heat that it will bring but it will also act as a ‘block’ing  force to keep larger scale weather patterns from impacting us. That means that organized severe weather chances are not likely during this time but daily thunderstorms are not out of the question and those thunderstorms could hit severe limits.

Basically, our pattern through the first half of June is going to be categorized by above normal temperatures and daily thunderstorm chances.



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