For Denver standards, seeing measurable snow 6 days in a row is a pretty rare thing to have happen. Of course, there wasn’t huge snot totals over these 6 days so it’s sounds worse than it was but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that it occurred.

And with more snow falling today, we will likely have seen measurable snow 7 out of the last 9 days. Impressive in its own right as well.

Monthly Data from the NWS Boulder – Denver Location

We started out the month warm and try pushing close to 70º on the 9th! Then, things switched and we saw a more active pattern settle in. This brought round after round after round of snow to Colorado and the Front Range. The storms that came through came late in the day and left early the next day which led to there being snow reported on two days for just one storm.

The 6-day snow total only reached 5.1″ but again (ending on the 15th of December) so it’s the fact that we had snow reported 6 days in a row that is the accomplishment here.

Snow Data -xm acis2

This recent 6-day stretch of snow is the first time this has happened since 1991! Notably, the longest consecutive snow stretch Denver has seen is 7 days (in 1924 and 1960) and we were very close to that.

With more snow falling this afternoon, we will only see a half inch or so and today’s snow doesn’t make out snow stretch any more impressive than how it currently stands.

There is drier and warmer air coming up for the weekend and next week. Enjoy!

~ Andy

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