Ohhhh, I see lightning out my window.

Hey hey!

We have storms moving through this afternoon. Most of them will come with gusty winds and some light to moderate rain. Heavier rain and stronger thunderstorms will occur further east of Denver but you know what to do when thunder roars, go indoors!

We officially made it to 84° at DIA today. Then the clouds moved in so temperatures won’t budge too much more through the evening.

Through Friday: storms will again be possible Friday afternoon. Same variety as todays. Moreso isolated than anything with stronger and more numerous storms expected east of Denver.
Saturday – Sunday: More numerous storms. Slightly cooler temperatures.
Monday – Tuesday: Rain chances continue with near normal temps.
Rest of next week: slightly drier conditions and temperatures warming


T-Storm outlook for Friday

Friday will feature warm temperatures and a chance of strong storms. Even for the Denver Metro.
A marginal risk of severe weather is in play. Also, the further east you head, the better chance of seeing severe storms. Tomorrow’s risk comes with large hail and damaging winds. We can’t rule out an isolated tornado but that should mainly be confined to areas of Eastern Colorado.

Saturday and Sunday look equally stormy.

T-Storm outlook for Saturday 

While the chance of severe weather goes down on Saturday, I do believe that rain coverage may be a little bit more widespread. We could have a pretty wet and cloudy afternoon. Especially south and east of Denver but Denver has a solid chance of getting rain and storms. Over rainfall totals between now and Saturday night look to be in the .10-1.5″ range with the higher rain totals on the plains. 

Sunday continues to be rainy and cloudy. Temperatures, however, will be held down slightly. We will see highs in the mid-70s over the weekend.

I think Monday will be similar to the weekend in terms of temps and rain chances. By Tuesday, we get better sun chances and that chance of sun goes up, as well as, temperatures through the rest of next week. 

Snowmelt continues in the mountains but will slow slightly as cloudier and cooler conditions move in. 
~Rain or shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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