There has been a lot of crazy surrounding super moons and new moons and full moons and moonie moons. Okay, maybe not the last one but moons are a hot topic in recent years.

Some associate the moon with howling and as dogs continue to howl, here in Denver, people have started to join in. People are howling to show support for everyone on the front lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Turnout for the daily 8:00 PM howling session has been ever-growing but there’s reason to believe that the howl tonight, the same night as 2020s best Super Moon, will be the best one yet.

Super Moons are defined by the moon reaching its Perigee (it’s closest location to Earth in a given month) and coinciding with the moon either being a full moon or a new moon. Since we can’t really see new moons, the full moon is the one that gets all of the attention.

When you think of a super moon, you think of those amazing pictures of this lunar mass rising over cities like New York but the moon isn’t really that much larger. In fact, it’s only 13% and that’s because it’s making its closest approach to Earth. With that said, the brightness is definitely noticeable since it appears about 30% brighter than a normal moon.

There are 3 super moons happening in 2020. One happened back in March, one happens tonight, and one happens in May but the one that comes closest to Earth is the true and official super moon. Which is tonights.

I’ll be doing a livestream of the super moon on my facebook page so be sure to watch it!

Tonight’s Cloud Cover Forecast

Clouds will be obstructing your view across the eastern third of the country but it won’t be totally blocking your view, although, in some places it will be blocked by clouds. Southern California and Western Arizona will have a decent amount of cloud cover and will areas in the high Plains.

If you get out tonight, be sure to howl at 8:00 and take a look at the super moon!

It’s surely going to be a great one.

~ Rain or Shine
I’m Andy Stein

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  1. Fun news and weather! Yay!!! You know, it’s probably very therapeutic to howl!!!
    Maybe I’ll get the boys to come out and howl! I learned a new word. Thanks!

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