Ida: 5 Stats that show its power and why this may be the new norm

I spoke with a research student studying Rapid Intensification of cyclones and Ida was definitely a record breaker and a sign of the new norm.

Could This Hurricane Season Be Similar to 2005?

The 2005 hurricane season was the most active hurricane season on record. 2020’s hurricane season is poised to be similar to that which does not bode well for Islands in the Caribbean or anywhere along the US coast.

Tropical Update: Where This Season Stands Right Now

The 2020 hurricane season is off to an active start in the Atlantic. The Eastern Pacific is off to a slow start but there is currently a major hurricane spinning. Here are the details:

Hurricanes VS. Tornadoes

Hurricanes are daunting enough to deal with no matter which area of the Globe a cyclone is impacting. Tornadoes embedded within a hurricane make these storms even more daunting. Here are some facts about tornadoes that occur within hurricanes.

Study: Climate change has been influencing where tropical cyclones rage

While the global average number of tropical cyclones each year has not budged from 86 over the last four decades, climate change has been influencing the locations of where these deadly storms occur.

Warmest oceans on record could set off a year of extreme weather

The world’s seas are simmering, with record high temperatures spurring worry among forecasters that the global warming effect may generate a chaotic year of extreme weather ahead.

The State of Hurricane Forecasting is . . .

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has the responsibility for issuing advisories and U.S. watches/warnings for tropical cyclones (TCs), which includes tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes, for the Atlantic and east Pacific basins.   NHC has a long history of issuing advisories for TCs, with the first known recorded forecast being in 1954, when 24-hour predictions … Read More The State of Hurricane Forecasting is . . .

Skill or Luck?: How NHC’s Hurricane Track Forecasts Beat the Models

This shows how National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecasters use their skill and expertise to predict the future track of a hurricane

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