I’m loving this current pattern we’ve been in but like all things, it will change. Not by much though.

Quick note: while Colorado is relatively calm, California is BAKING under a heat wave. San Francisco hit 100° for the first time in June’s history! Also, the Carolina’s and Virginia’s have been getting pummeled with rain. 3-day rain totals in some areas of North Carolina have reached over 19″! Cue the flooding.

For us, here is a quick summary:

Wednesday – Similar to today. Nice and warm temps with some afternoon cloud cover.
Thursday-Friday – Warmer temps. More scattered showers and storms
Saturday-Sunday – Showers and storms possible and likely for some
Next week – staying wet but maybe warming up?!

After a very isolated shower chance this evening across northeast Colorado, rain chances diminish through Wednesday. Cloud cover will return in the afternoon but we shouldn’t see much rain coverage if any. There will be some rain showers that for in the mountains overnight into the day on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday look similar. A small and weak disturbance will skirt across the state and that will bring some lift that will form showers. We’ll have decent moisture around but not ample amounts. Highs will be in the low to mid-80s! Soak it up.

This weekend is Pride! And yes, it may rain on Pride’s parade but I doubt that anything will affect the events. Both Saturday and Sunday will be similar. Highs actually drop just a bit. Back into the mid-70s. Rain chances go up as we have some energy back in place and some moisture creeping in from the south. All of this combined will give us more widely spread showers and storms. Not looking at huge storms but some of them may get strong. We’ll have to watch that.

Next week looks like the stormy pattern will continue but hopefully, we’ll bring a little bit more heat in here as well. I wouldn’t mind a few days in the upper 80s or maybe 90s…. 😀 with that said, I doubt we will get that warm because there’s also the chance for some extremely high elevation snow! I’ll watch that, it won’t be impactful (at least as of now) but it’s something worth watching, right?!

Flooding is becoming slightly more apparent in the mountains as creeks and streams are starting to really flow! Unfortunately, there was a death from the drowning of a man that was rafting in the Arkansas River. His raft flipped and he couldn’t fight the swift-flowing waters. :/ Be safe out there!

That’s all for now.

~Rain or shine
  I’m Andy Stein

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