Tuesday June 4 – Weather Update


Hello hello.

I feel very mundane recently and today is no different. It was a repeat of yesterday in the skies of Colorado. We had a very pretty morning. Clear skies, comfortable temps. Then the clouds and rain came for some. There have been a few severe storms out on the Eastern Plains. No official reports of anything major though.

As we head into the rest of the evening. Rain and storms will wind down and skies will clear out nicely leaving us with another perfect start to the day on Wednesday.

SUMMARY: Scattered showers and storms Wednesday
Drier but still a chance for rain Thursday and Friday
A decent weekend with cooler temps moving in for Sunday
Rain chances next week too (who woulda thought?)

There’s a weak trough spinning over the SW. That’s what is bringing us some moisture and continuous rain chances. That won’t change much but it will eventually push east of us over the next few days. This means that the general pattern we’re in right now will stay with us through about Friday. Wednesday could be interesting. I’m not too worried about severe weather but flooding could occur in some of the heavier and stronger storms. The atmosphere is pretty moist (don’t you just love that word) right now and that means that if a thunderstorm taps into the available moisture, we could be looking at localized flooding. Thursday and Friday, we’ll be on the drier side of the trough so rain chances will be present but not high, maybe 10-20% chance.

This weekend looks good. Saturday will feature warmer temperatures and sunshine with a few afternoon shower chances. They will be featured more in the evening when a cold front begins to enter the region. This cold front will have a decent shot of moisture with it but it’s trending a little less wet as of recently. We’ll see if that continues. Sunday won’t be bad. I would suspect that morning rain showers and clouds will begin to evaporate by the afternoon as some drier air moves in. Highs on Sunday will be a good 10-15° below that of Saturday. So, refreshing.

Next week looks iffy. There could be some decent moisture around, that could also go away. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Snowpack is still at great numbers!

Statewide, we are over 500% of average. That sounds huge! And it is BUT that number came to us on June 3rd and where that number comes from is from every other June 3rd that we have a record of. Normally, the snow has begun to melt by this point so while these numbers are impressive, it’s really letting us know that the spring melt hasn’t started yet. HOWEVER, the concerns of rapid melt and flooding as a result of that is still there. 
That’s all for now! Enjoy the days.

~Rain or shine
   I’m Andy Stein

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